I like animals.  Really – I do.   In fact, I live with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a goldfish…. (at least I think the goldfish is still alive in my son’s room…I don’t go in there often.)

Anyway….it’s never bothered me when I go show a property that has an animal or two.  Typically, the listing agent will notify potential buyers agents that there are animals on the property, and any special instructions – such as “Give Fido a doggie treat when you get there and he won’t bother you“…or something like that.   So when I saw the special showing instructions on this home as “Seller rescues animals – pets will be on property“,  I wasn’t too concerned.   But  I should have been…..

Always trying to be of service, let me continue this post with some suggestions for how to show your home when you have animals on the property….

1.  First of all, if you tell the showing agent you will remove the dogs, please do so.  4 hours notice should be plenty of time to round them up and put them somewhere.  All 8 of them.   Even if you have to put them in the garage, and you put a big note on the door saying “Enter at Your Own Risk – Dogs in Here” – it’s better than just letting them greet a potential buyer at the door.  The first thing you want someone to notice is the beauty of your home – not all the dogs barking and jumping and trying to escape out the front door.


2.  If you own birds, and your home is on the market, please put them in their cage.   Again, it’s hard to focus on the floor plan when you are dealing with an petrified parrot.   I’m thinking the parrot was afraid because of the barking dogs.   Parrots who are afraid swoop around the room and scare buyers.   And agents.

 3.  The master bedroom should be a welcoming place – not a “what’s that smell ?” place.   I promise you when they figure out the smell is the ferrets in the closet, they are not going to ever forget it.



4.  Ponds are nice……ducks chasing you from the pond nipping at your heels are not.   Now granted, I don’t expect the sellers to be able to round up the ducks every time a potential buyer comes over, and had it only been the ducks, well, it would have made for a cute little story – “You should have seen my real estate agent run !  That duck was chasing her all the way back to her car…! ”  Unfortunately, when you put it together with barking, jumping dogs, parrots swooping over our heads, and stinky ferrets….it makes for a funny story – but not a sale…..

I think this one’s gonna be on the market for a while…….. 😉

                                                  Paging Dr. Doolittle…..Dr. Doolittle,  please report to the pond….                                                        



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