Cianfrani Coffee Company: Harnessing Bean and Community

by Sheri Salley on August 1, 2013

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“Cianfrani’s is the liberal epi-center of Georgetown, Texas: where Mayor, University President, and Council Woman sit and sip with Student, Artists, and Disenfranchised.  – Ian Myers “

 Coffee is about the bean. Like Wines and Cigars, selecting organic product defines Coffee Brewing; Ian Myers, Roastmaster of Cinanfrani Coffee, knows the beans about coffee making, (love bad puns).

“What separates Cianfrani Brewing from other coffee shops is a commitment to the highest quality beans from small crops around the world, roasted daily, insuring a quiet freshness speaking volumes of flavor in each cup.”

Ian Tilling the BeanAnd what makes for a cup of coffee? When a Roastmaster such as Ian, a person who has now spent a third of his life in the coffee industry, speaks coffee; they speak of Altitude: high altitude are best, Small Crops: smaller crops allow attentive bean nurturing , Natural Processing: no mass machine cropping and automation in processing and High Grade Raw Bean: when all criteria are equal, Ian still selects the best of the best for Cianfrani’s  coffee.
Ian loves working for a local business in Georgetown, Texas and Ian can think of no better place to be a twenty-something.  Even returning to Georgetown after living in Austin, Texas. x

“I think of living in Georgetown Texas; I  get possessive: Georgetown is maintaining unique culture while becoming progressive; making Georgetown a place I want all to myself. Georgetown is a slow brew dark roast with flavor, body and a day launching caffeine boost. “

Like a good coffee is about the bean, Georgetown, Texas is about people: All visiting in the liberal epicenter – Cianfrani Coffee House.
Cisnfrani CoffeeNow the Facts
Located 109 West 7 st Downtown Georgetown, Tx78626 Open until 9 Daily
Want to buy Cianfrani Coffee for your Home or Business:
Website: Whole Sale- (512) 930-3996
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